Derrel Hall is incredibly talented at expressing himself through fashion. Truthfully, he is moody and expressive. Being able to express these highs and lows through the way he dresses is powerful because it sparks conversation, and conversations lead to understanding and connection. Coming from East Texas, Derrel knows that honest conversation combats intolerance & encourages people to shamelessly bask in their own light. On behalf of everyone at Turning Tides, we warmly welcome Derrel to the family with open arms!

Softie uses pastels and circles to symbolize softening the rough edges of masculine expression. My mission is to encourage everyone to practice radical honesty within themselves to discover freedom in the presentation of both feminine and masculine energies. Who said that pink is only for girls? Colors are for everyone, duh! The same principle goes for being seen as soft. If no one gets hurt, authentic expression is perfectly healthy.

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How is Softie Mag Eco-Friendly?

All prints are printed on gallery-grade paper that we locally source from Red River Paper—a Dallas-based paper company recycles over 10,000 pounds of material each year, including paper, cardboard, and plastic. Each item is made-to-order!

How can I purchase the hand-made frame?

You can add the frame to any print order (and receive $10 off automatically), or you can buy the frame alone! Click here to head to the frame listing.

Print Sizes

We currently offer 8in X 10in prints