Eco-Friendly Shopping For Change Makers

Choosing the sustainable choice isn’t as hard or expensive as it looks. In fact, most of the time you end up saving money in the end. Check out our top 10 tips you can implement to become a more eco friendly shopper.


Use your own bag instead of the plastic or paper ones provided by stores. Keep them in your car if you have trouble remembering to bring them! If you walk inside and realize you have forgotten your bags, you have just a short walk back to your car to retrieve them.

Buy Reused or Recycled

When you buy pre-loved items, you’re not only saving yourself some money, you are cutting down on the number of new products that are produced and thrown out. If you can’t reuse, recycle!

Buy Eco Friendly

From tooth paste to business cards to bed sheets, there are a multitude of everyday products you can purchase that are made to be sustainable. Look for cruelty free, local, and sustainably sourced items and foods. Keep in mind that every purchase, eco friendly or not, has an environmental impact. Only buy things when you need them, and take care of the things you already own.

Buy items without packaging

When you shop for food or other items, look for things that don’t have packaging. Choose to purchase whole fruits without plastic packaging. Use your own, reusable produce bags instead of the plastic ones in the store. For those times when you do need to buy items with plastic packaging, dispose of it properly and try to figure out a way that you can refrain from doing so again.

Stay Informed

When you need to purchase items with packaging, look for eco-friendly materials such as: Recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, etc. and make sure to dispose of them properly. Check out our resource center to learn about what you can recycle and the best way to go about it.

Support Sustainable Businesses

Support businesses that are doing their part in helping make our planet a better place by purchasing their products instead of what you would have bought before you became environmentally conscious. Another way to support those businesses is to like, comment, share, and review their posts and products.

Eat Local and in Season

Buying local produce that is in season reduces your carbon and moral footprint because your food isn’t traveling to get to your table, no odd farming techniques were implemented to produce said food, and US labor laws can protect the farmers and their employees from being mistreated. Local farms help our ecosystems by playing a major role in the life cycles of bees and other essential organisms.

Buy Online

Shoppers who buy online can have a carbon footprint almost two times smaller than a traditional shopper. This may be surprising, but since having a store front uses so many resources, it is less harmful to just have an online store.

Eat Less Meat

We can reduce our environmental impact exponentially by making the simple switch of eating meat-free at least one day a week. When you do decide to enjoy animal products, buy them from local farms.

Support Small Businesses

When you buy from a small business your community thrives. Without businesses like ours, the working classes separate further. That CEO gets another yacht, while the working class gets another deadline.

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