About Us

Turning Tides is an American-made sustainable brand of fashion and home goods, fully equipped with an eco-friendly resource center educating others on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We give artists who work with eco friendly materials a space to sell their items and collaborate with like-minded creators. The artists of Turning Tides take local, recycled and second-hand materials to create one of a kind, hand crafted apparel and functional objects.

Living Sustainably is Dope.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what others have to say!

This is a brand that you can trust to provide you with quality products. Each piece is made with love and care. It’s also a plus that by purchasing from Turning Tides you can feel good about helping make the world a better place 💜

Stephanie C.

High quality clothing and stand for a good cause. Highly recommend!

Jeremy Z.

As far as dedication goes I have never seen a company like Turning Tides! Not only are their products uniquely designed and carefully crafted, there is always a focus on a positive change, or impact, rooted in everything that they do! It’s simply amazing!

Cason H.

These girls really are standing for something! I love using their website for tips and tricks on ways to be more environmentally conscious. Plus all of the clothing options are so original and funky. I can’t wait for my next purchase.

Keyanna Y.

If you’re looking for a resourceful company to help you on your journey to becoming a more eco-conscious person then look no further!! Turning Tides is full of helpful guides to help you get started exploring and engaging in different social issues. The company is lgbtq+ owned and uses proceeds to give back to amazing organizations. Love their clothing, purpose and passion!

Christina B.

I love this company. They have lots of great resources on their website from healthy eating to recycling, and even how you can help be a positive impact in your community. Their clothes are also very stylish and unique. Will definitely continue purchasing from Turning Tides!

Mesly C.