5 Cheap Ways to Live More Eco Friendly

If you haven’t heard it yet, I’ll be the one to tell you that Mother Earth needs our help. And we need to make changes— fast. That doesn’t mean we need to take on big, expensive projects and install solar panels in our home. We can start with little things that have a huge impact when implemented in numbers. Let’s start with changes that we can incorporate right now in the spaces in which we live. Here are some ways to improve your home:

Are you watching TV right now?

If you’re not, you should probably unplug it. Our TVs are left on standby for over 15+ hours a day!! If you unplug the power cord when you’re not using it, you can save so much unnecessary electricity, and your bill will probably be a lot cheaper, too.

How many times do you open your fridge waiting for a surprise snack to appear?

Remember that you’ll have the same things in your fridge that you did 5 minutes ago and have a plan of what you’re going to grab when you open it. All that refrigerator gazing adds up.

Ditch your electric air purifier for plants!

Plants naturally make your air cleaner, not to mention they also make cute, decorative accents. One of my favorite houseplants is the Boston Fern— they are safe for pets and work really hard to purify the air.

Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth!

This is such an easy one but it often slips our minds. Until I form good habits like this one, I like to leave myself a note so I remember. If you are forgetful like me, try leaving a note on your mirror until it becomes second nature to you.

Opt for hang drying your clothes instead of using the dryer.

Dryers actually produce quite a bit of carbon emissions. Not only will this make your clothes last longer, it’ll help the Earth last longer too! 

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